Here it is, the much anticipated, and somewhat dreaded 2021. We all know this year won’t be a sudden “snap” back to the way life was before, more like a slow crawl to some sense of normalcy. 2020 was an interesting year for me artistically. I was no longer able to teach in person classes, nor was I able to host my second annual solo show. I needed to find a way to still connect with my clients and potential clients, yet I am technologically challenged at a shocking level.

Very quickly I realized that parents and teachers were losing their minds trying to teach kids and that I could film a few short lessons that might be of assistance. The first video gained over 7,000 views. Clearly I had underestimated the need. Since then I have created a YouTube channel and continue to post videos of some small art lessons for beginners. This is one of my projects for 2021; to expand on my instructional videos.

I also wanted to find a way to continue to teach. I developed 6 week classes, taught online. They have had resounding success for a few reasons: 1. People were bored and needed a creative outlet. 2. Going online live allowed participants to share time with someone while social distancing. 3. You could watch live or access the videos for the duration of the course which meant working at YOUR pace. 4. We inadvertently created a community that was a safe space for people to share their work in progress and receive support and critique.

I will continue to offer online classes now. I don’t foresee them ending soon. (or ever) So please engage me on social media and let me know what YOU want to see!

  • Lori